Scene I: Starbucks @ Borders, Oxford Street. 
Thoughtful and witty friend, Penny, orders proper porcelain mugs of something frothy. I hold onto her briefcase (the last one, containing the only handwritten draft of her bestseller, was stolen from a Starbucks just down the road). The world is about to be well and truly philosophised.

Scene II: Starbucks, just off Carnaby Street. 
We devise 
“Business-Sitter” to describe my new out-of-office experience and order Mochas to celebrate.

Scene III: Starbucks, Tower Bridge, pigeons overhead and on the tables. Cappuccinos in to-go cups. Be careful what you wish for…it’s time to go!

Now, in an attempt to keep the world spinning, I collect coffee experiences wherever I land.  I, Kathrin Hardie, am more than a virtual coffee drinker…


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